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In accordance with the Belgian law of December 8, 1992, as modified by the law of December 11, 1998 relating to the Protection of the Privacy Policy with regard to the protection of personal data, Belclimb informs the users of the recording of personal data in its file.

Each user automatically authorizes the use of his personal data and/or pictures at promotional ends.

The personal data that you transmit to us are recorded in the files of Belclimb, Dreams & Associates, François Jacobslaan, 19, 1731 Zellik.

These data will be treated by Belclimb for administration purpose, market research and to conduct campaigns of personalized information and promotion relating to our products and services. These data can also be used for the personalization of publicity on

Each participant has a right of access and of correction, as well as right to be opposed to the processing of his data for marketing purposes. With this intention he can write an email to [email protected].


Use of the forums

The Belclimb forums are moderated. Messages posted on these forums are controled by moderators. In this way the content can be moved, closed or deleted.

Decisions of moderators are not negociable. There won't be replyed to question about the closing or deletion of a thread.

Everybody can post a message as soon as she/he is logged as member. Without any condition, including member fee or paiement, etc.

Every user not respecting these rules is invited to not participate to the discussions. Any trangression of these rules can lead to the closing of your member account and email on Belclimb.


Watch out!

Climbing, alpinism and canyoning are dangerous sports. Belclimb, the members of the redaction and its contributors can in no case be held responsible for financial loss, material or physical diseases, or accident causing death, consequence of the wrong interpretation of information published on the site.